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Hello again. I've been looking high and low for places to buy blank cassette tapes, the 50 second / 1 minute sided tapes. The best I could do for right now is this. "100 Pack, 002 Minute - MD Premium Spoken Word/Music Type I Normal Bias Cassette
1 Minute Per Side - No Box or Label" that's what you guys want, fifth from the top. 100 cassettes is a lot, but what a deal at about 20 cents per tape! You could buy a bulk supply and send them to other people to record with, share and or sell them for 20 cents each. Letter Bomb! recordings is not about profit of any kind, it's about getting your music out to people and above all other things: HAVING FUN! I might be buying a bulk supply of tapes soon, but until then if you need 50 second tapes please send an e-mail to and we'll hook you up. 50 cents a tape two 50 second sides.
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