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SEND US YOUR TAPE ORDERS NOW! 10 of them are going away to Caily Ramone of the Sleepy Trees, 4 of them are going to to Waylon of Cara Del Gato and a few of them are making their way to Jamie Hurley in the UK. Let the tape exchange begin! (Tapes will be mailed out within the next few days.)
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freakin' sweet!
How much are those fuckers? I'm up for doing some.
50 cents per tape, maybe through a buck or two in for shipping? It's all relative to ho9w many tapes you want. But yes, 50 cents per tape! E-mail with your order / adresses.
This email isn't working for me...
i take it your the head honcho of this whole shebang?
well, im interested in some cara dek gato or sleepy trees tapes.
whats the low-down(as you american folk say) on deliveries to the uk?