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Letter Bomb! Recordings


EXPLOSIVE Indie pop music from our mail boxes to U
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Our first comp tape is coming soon so be on the look out! We hope to release it early Septemenber along with the first issue of the Letter Bomb! zine. Also coming soon, the first batch of Letter Bomb! pins. Everything's totally limited, get yer hands on em when they come out!

Artists on the "RETURN TO SENDER!" comp tape: Cara del Gato, A Pilgrimage To Save This Human Race, Scary Canary, The Up Set, The Haircuts, Apple Orchard, Randy Pike and Great Caesar's Ghost!


We plan on releasing a Halloween comp in late October. Start recording songs everbody! We won't except comp tape entries until September 1st, so get started now and send them in later. You have until Friday September 30th to send in your entries for the Halloween comp! No rush.

Official Letter Bomb! artists:

Great Caesar's Ghost!

Cara del Gato

Mean Moon

The Sleepy Trees

The Camerons

A Pilgrimage to Save This Human Race

The Up Set

About100 (Jamie Hurley's solo project, he's our buddy across the pond!)

Randy Pike

Scary Canary

To become an 'official' Letter Bomb! artist please send an e-mail to letterbombrecordings@yahoo.com, we'd be glad to have you on our label.


01 Various Artists - "RETURN TO SENDER!"
Track listing:

Side A
01: Scary Canary - "Crush Song"
02: Great Caesar's Ghost - "Bikeriders"
03: Apple Orchard - "One of a Kind"
04: The Up Set - "Why Are We Still Playing This Game?"

Side B
05: Cara del Gato - "On the Prowl"
06: Randy Pike - "Mom Hit Dad"
07: The Haircuts - "My Favorite Shadow"
08: A Pilgrimage To Save This Human Race - "Happy"

Expect release: Early September

02 A Pilgrimage To Save This Human Race - "Ten Songs For My Ten Fingers (and Ten More For My Ten Toes)"

Expect release: Mid September

03 Randy Pike - "Big Mouth"

Expect release: Late September / Early October

04 Various Artists - Halloween comp tape (No title yet)

Expect release: HALLOWEEN / Early november
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